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180808 | Agenda for Parish Council Ordinary Meeting – 13th August 2018



THIS IS TO NOTIFY YOU THAT an Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council is to be held on Monday 13th
August 2018 at the WI HALL, CONNOR DOWNS TR27 5DT commencing at 7pm.
Date 8
th August 2018 Mrs Vida Perrin, Clerk to the Council
1. Routine matters
a) Safety Procedure
b) Apologies for absence to be received and approved.
c) To receive personal and prejudicial interests (including the details thereof) and preapproved
dispensations in respect of any items on this Agenda.
d) Public Participation – Public Participation (15 minutes maximum) - Observations raised by members
of the community are welcome regarding the items noted on the agenda (2 minutes per person)
it should be noted that public are not permitted to speak during the remainder of the meeting
unless expressly permitted to do so by the Chairman.
Any other matters raised either in person
or in writing will be noted during this period and may be included for consideration at a future Parish
Council meeting.
Questions must be directed through the Chair
2. Minutes
a) To confirm the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held on the 23rd July 2018
b) Business arising not already on the agenda from the Ordinary Meeting
3. To consider planning matters
a) PA18/06175 Application for the construction of eight dwellings (consolidation of permissions
PA14/11072 and PA15/10169)
22 Upton Towans Hayle Cornwall TR27 5BJ Cherwell (Upton
Towans) Ltd
Planning Zone Councillors Cllr Smith (lead) Cllr Homes (Support)
b) PA18/05474 Application for a change of use from agricultural to residential and to convert redundant
barn into residential dwelling
Land Adjacent To Linden Cottage Carnhell Green Camborne TR14 0EA
Mr Steve Hart
Planning Zone Councillors Cllr Tovey (lead) Cllr Norman (Support)
c) PA18/05684 Application for a proposed extension to provide extra room for disability equipment 25
Pen Tye Reawla Hayle TR27 5HL Miss Nicola Pascoe
Planning Zone Councillors Cllr Rowe (lead)
Cllr Negus (Support)
d) PA18/06503 Construction of a detached 1 1/2 storey dwelling with associated parking and amenity
Land And Buildings North Of Gwlaskor Penhale Road Carnhell Green TR14 0LT Mr and Mrs
e) PA18/06474
Change of materials to windows and doors from wood to aluminium, amendment to FFL
to Previous Approval PA18/00598
Redundant Barn Adj To Number 2 Coswinsawsin Lane Carnhell
Green TR14 0LW
Mr H Landry JJ Construction (SW) Ltd Planning Zone Councillors Cllr Norman
(lead) Cllr Tovey (Support)
f) PA18/05895 Existing pole barn to be demolished (Planning Decision Reference PA17/06859).
Erection of barn stables and the creation of a horse menage
Barns South Of Trungle Farm Herland
Hill Gwinear TR27 5JZ Miss Elizabeth Mathias
Planning Zone Councillors Cllr Rowe (lead) Cllr
Negus (Support)
g) PA18/07236 Certificate of lawfulness for existing use for the construction and occupation of an
existing dwellinghouse
Bar View, The Cabin 6 Treeve Lane Connor Downs TR27 5BN Mr J Mills
Planning Zone Councillors Cllr Burt (lead) Cllr Smith (Support)
h) PA18/07242 Certificate of lawfulness for existing use of land for the stationing of a caravan for
human habitation
Bar View, The Caravan 6 Treeve Lane Connor Downs TR27 5BN Mr T Mills
Planning Zone Councillors Cllr Burt (lead) Cllr Smith (Support)
i) Planning Correspondence
i) to receive a list of planning notifications
4. Reports
a) Information from the Devon & Cornwall Police website
b) Verbal reports from Parish Councillors/representatives (Note: Limited to under one minute per report)
c) Written reports from Parish Councillors/representatives
5. Correspondence received
a) Crowan Parish Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan Pre-Submission Consultation
b) Email from CORMAC – speed data for Station Road, Carnhell Green
c) CALC letter to D&C Police re proposed merger with Dorset Police

6. Other matters requiring decisions of the Council
a) To consider a report from the Community Pride Operative and approve any actions
b) Receipts & payments: To approve receipts and payments from 10
th July to 13th August 2018
c) To receive and approve the Income & Expenditure Statement for the first quarter of the 2018/19
d) To consider an update from the ESPF working group project and agree the way forward
e) To consider quotations for Tree Management contract and Memorial Inspection and Management
f) To consider whether to purchase a new answer-machine system
g) To receive an update on the Electoral Review
h) To consider a response to the Consultation on the allocation and spend of Community Infrastructure
Levy money
7. Late or urgent items not on the agenda
8. Agenda items for future meetings


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