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181001 | Copperhouse gate refurbishment

Copperhouse gate refurbishment will ensure Hayle continues to be protected from flooding

This autumn the Environment Agency will carry out refurbishment work on the Copperhouse Gate.

The gate is a critical part of the Angarrack Flood Alleviation Scheme which provides flood protection to 138 properties in the Copperhouse area of Hayle. The refurbishment will ensure that the existing level of flood defence is maintained for a further 30 years.

Work will be carried out by Environment Agency contractors BMMJV and will begin this November. Refurbishment of the gate will take approximately 7 weeks and during this time an area of the North Quay will not be accessible to the public.

Throughout the programme of works there is the potential for minor traffic disruption with the requirement for plant and materials to be delivered to site to enable these works.

The existing steel structure will be repainted, this will require a compressor to be running on site which may generate some noise during normal working hours.

On completion of the painting and maintenance of the existing support structure the tidal gate will be removed and a new gate installed in its place.

The project, being led by the Environment Agency, is funded by central government through a flood defence grant in aid from the Department for Environment, Food, Agriculture, and Rural Affairs. These  works are being undertaken as part of the Environment Agency six year programme to deliver improved flood risk protection to at least 300,000 homes by March 2021.


    Pre-Construction FCERM GIA

Pre-Construction Other funding

  Estimated funding for construction by March 2021 dependent on full business case
approval and securing required contributions
Households with a better level of protection
by March 2021
Total households with a better level of
protection when schemes are complete
Project NameRisk Management AuthorityRegional Flood and
Coastal Committee
Allocated in 2015/16
Indicative upto 2021
Indicative from 2021
RFCC Local levy
(incl. Internal Drainage
Board Precept, £k)
Further Required
Estimated Total
Estimated earliest
construction start
RFCC local levy
(incl. Internal
Drainage Board
Precept, £k)
funding contributions
 from flooding from coastal erosionfrom flooding from coastal erosionEconomic
benefits (Net
Present Value,
Other benefits / reason
for the scheme
including estimate of
householders better
Copperhouse Gate Refurbishment
Environment Agency
South West
  30.0       163.02018 to 2021 53.0    80.0 25 25  3,269.0  SWC010E/000A/098A
Hayle Flood Alleviation - Foundry Square
Environment AgencySouth West
Hayle     100.0    575.02018 to 2021 20.0   455.0  5  5  1,710.0  SWC010E/000A/038A
Hayle River flood bank re-alignment and habitat creationEnvironment AgencySouth West
Hayle  40.0   100.0  2,300.02016 to 2018180.0  1,980.0 25 25    437.0 SWC010E/000A/067A


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